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Spa Cover Tips and Tricks

How to Maintain Your Spa Cover

To help maintain the look of you spa cover, keep it clean from debris.  The easiest way to do this is to spray it down with cold water from a garden hose and then a quick wipe down with a dry cloth.  This will help keep off the build up of everyday dirt and grime that will settle on it and help keep the shine of the vinyl.

Marine grade vinyl has a UV protectant built in, but it will need to be maintained to help the life of the spa cover.  One of the biggest enemies to vinyl is the sun.  It will break it down and ware out the stress points and cause them to fail, for example the hinge and corners.  The only product we recommend is 303 Aerospace Protecant.  This will block most of the sun’s harmful UV rays and will help against fading and cracking.  Stay away from and alcohol based products as it will dry out the vinyl and will cause it to fail at a faster pace.  Recommended use is to spray a light mist over the whole top and wipe down at least once a month for the life of the cover.

Never put anything on top of the spa cover.  A simple flotation device can heat up to an extreme temperatures in the sun and can cause the foam core to melt under it.  This will happen with the majority of objects you might leave on top of the spa cover.  Let your spa cover drain every now and then.  Water can get trapped between the vinyl and the foam core and can mildew and start smelling.  To do this, stand the spa cover with the zipper side to the ground every couple of months to allow  the trapped water to drain out.

Doing these simple steps will help maintain your spa cover and keep it looking its best for life of the spa cover.

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